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So you wana use Winamp to be your streaming client eh? Ok first things first you will need the following;

1.) The winamp client of cource from
2.) After installing that you will need to obtain a plugin for winamp for your source of streaming, many client can be found on icecast's website here at, but here is a few quick sugestions;
A.) Oddsock has a free client called edcast that is located here at
B.) Spacial audio also has a client thats a try and buy that is located here at
Mac OS X.)
A.) Nicecast is a free client that is located here

Ok lets get started! I am going to be using a Windows based PC using edcast just for an example, most other operating systems are going to have the same window setup for the configuration.. so bare with me.

Step 1: Of cource, open up your winamp client (duh..)

Step 2: Select the plugin


Step 3: Add an encoder


Step 4: Select configure encoder


Step 5: Insert your information


Step 6: Finily connect and start playing music


Have Fun! :)